This is a crucial system for managing information technology and information processes, starting from data storage, data transmission to data management.

Including securing data, compiling large amounts of verifiable and reliable data. The network infrastructure system will be the core in connecting data between various internal organization users in multiple forms. The details are as follows:

A LAN or Local Area Network

is a network that connects computers together within cables

to link operations between computers and technological devices. It is suitable for use within the same organization or building. It can transfer all types of data between computers and tech devices conveniently and faster than other channels. LANs also offer cost savings from sharing resources like printers and scanners. Given LANs' ability to transfer data seamlessly and rapidly within an organization, they have become a widely popular network system.

A WAN or Wide Area Network

is a network that utilizes technology to connect networks across a broad area.

Can mitigate risks of damage to important data and prevent leaks of confidential information. It also protects against unauthorized access to data by individuals who are not authorized by the organization, whether they are internal individuals who do not have the right to access the data or external individuals. We offer comprehensive cyber security solutions, from designing and procuring cyber security systems to installation. This fulfills customers' needs end-to-end. Protecting data is fundamental for any organization's sustainable operations, as global cyber threats are increasingly complex. Hence, all agencies now focus on implementing security to prevent unauthorized data access.

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

is a communication system that transmits data without physical cabling

but instead uses radio frequency (RF) and infrared waves to carry signals and data to receiving devices, which may be computers directly or via a signal distributor. Radio waves have the property of penetrating obstacles, making wireless connectivity efficient as users can access data within the signal range without being confined to a location as with LAN systems. However, there is a limitation in that the effective signal transmission distance decreases with increasing distance between the user and transmitter.

Cyber Security

is an important technology for protecting network systems, devices, and computer programs.

It can reduce the risk of damage to critical and confidential data through leaks and unauthorized access. Cyber security keeps data secure from individuals inside an organization who lack authorization, as well as external parties. We provide complete cyber security solutions including designing, procuring, and installing cyber security systems to fully meet client needs. Protecting data security is an essential foundation for the sustainable operations of every organization. With the increasing complexity of global cyber threats, all agencies are focusing more on implementing security systems to prevent unauthorized access to data.

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