The company recognizes the importance and has confidence in the principles and processes of effective corporate governance. It views these as crucial mechanisms in promoting the company to be an organization with efficient and effective management.

The business is conducted with ethical, transparent, and auditable management systems. There is equality and fairness towards all stakeholders, supporting the company to operate in line with its strategies and objectives. The organization can adapt appropriately to change, creating sustainable and enduring value for the business. It instills confidence among shareholders, stakeholders, and all relevant parties.

Policies of Corporate Governance
Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

Director Charters

Board of Director Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Executive Committee Charter
Risk Management Committee Charter
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter

Other policies

Anti-Corruption Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy
Sustainability Management Policy
Company and Customer Confidentiality Policy
Succession Plan
Risk Management Policy
Information Technology and Computer Usage Policy
Whistleblowing and Complaints Policy

Company Documents

Company Regulations

Channels for Whistleblowing and Complaints

The company has measures and processes to maintain confidentiality and handle your information well, following the Whistleblowing Policy.