Product and Service Characteristics:

The company operates in the Information Technology and Communication business, acting as a System Integrator for end-to-end ICT solutions, encompassing both hardware and software components.

This includes after-sales maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for computer systems and peripherals, as well as computer systems and peripherals rental. The company's experienced and specialized information technology team delivers quality work that builds customer confidence in the company's capabilities. The business can be categorized into 3 groups as follows:

Customer Group

The company targets a diverse range of customers, including both public sector where the company directly participates in government procurement, and private sector who engage in government procurement and have confidence in purchasing the company's products for their operations. The customer groups of the company can be categorized into 2 types.

Public Sector

Public sector customer group of the company includes government agencies, state enterprises, especially educational institutions and state financial institutions.

In the public sector customer group, projects are typically procured through a procurement process similar to the regulations of government agencies. Generally, the public sector customer group tends to select contractors through a competitive bidding process, considering bidders who meet the specified qualifications. In many cases, the public sector engages in turnkey projects, covering everything from understanding the customer's needs, providing basic knowledge, designing suitable systems, to the installation and maintenance steps. This also includes training to enhance the skills of end-users.

Private Sector

Private sector customers are a key customer group for the company, comprising listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and information technology companies with the expertise to bid for government agency projects.

Based on comparing pricing, these private sector customers select, product quality, credentials including experience, expertise, and past work.