The company realizes the importance of sustainable organization and business management with care for the community, emphasizing environmental responsibility.

This allows the company to continuously grow sustainably along with societal development. The company will strictly comply with the rules and regulations set by the relevant authorities. The company has established sustainability management principles in the environmental dimension as a guideline to conduct business with concern for the community and environmental responsibility. This policy is communicated to all personnels from management to employees to understand the processes. We start with efficient use of necessary resources including electricity, water, and proper waste, pollution, and greenhouse gas management as well as implement appropriate governance and performance monitoring processes. This includes evaluating and making improvements to achieve the set goals.

Environmental Operations

Guidelines for reducing resource consumption, such as electricity and water usage

The company emphasizes to all personnel from management to staff the importance of reducing unnecessary resource usage

such as electricity and water. This starts with promoting an energy-saving culture, providing knowledge and recommendations on reducing electricity and water consumption to prevent waste. Equipment and appliances should not be used unnecessarily in areas such as lighting, air conditioning, office equipment. Damaged electrical equipment should also be repaired so that office appliances can be utilized efficiently. Energy-saving electrical appliances should be selected. Additionally, the company promotes water-saving measures by thoroughly communicating to all employees to understand.

Guidelines for waste, pollution and emissions management

The company promotes collaboration with employees to manage waste and pollution in all processes, starting from pushing for a reduction in usage and controlling the volume of paper consumption for data storage.

By adopting the use of information technology systems for centralized data storage and management such as storing data on Microsoft systems, internal data exchange through email, reducing unnecessary printing or document duplication, and, when necessary, printing or making double-sided copies on paper, the company aims to promote business operations that reduce paper usage and are environmental friendly. Employees are encouraged to recognize the importance of material reuse, such as using one side of paper and then using the other side for new purposes. Additionally, the company emphasizes the use of resources that can be recycled before disposal. Additionally, appropriate waste segregation per international standards is implemented: organic/biodegradable waste, recyclable waste for repurposing, hazardous chemical waste, and general waste. This benefits public waste disposal.

Guidelines for greenhouse gas management

Currently, campaigns to reduce greenhouse gases are a prevalent topic globally due to climate change impacts.

The company is determined to strongly support greenhouse gas management by promoting activities that can help solve this problem. For example, enforcing measures for company personnel and visitors to switch off vehicle engines when parked on company premises, as well as managing office resources by switching off electrical appliances, lighting, air conditioning and office equipment when not in use. This includes following the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.