With our team's expertise and understanding of customer needs, Supreme also provides maintenance and repair services for various computer systems and peripheral devices.

To ensure that customers can use the information technology system properly and in accordance with the product's lifespan, we provide both preventive and corrective maintenance services. Our company can provide services according to the customer's needs, even on public holidays and weekends, at the customer's office. We also provide advice to customers 24 hours a day or as specified. Our services include problem analysis, regular maintenance, repair and replacement of faulty parts and equipment.

Outsourcing personnel
To provide services to customers in various areas nationwide
Selection of spare parts
For the provision of maintenance and repair services for computer systems and peripherals
Procurement of product insurance
Throughout the life of the maintenance and repair service contract for computer systems and peripherals
We have a team of knowledgeable
and experienced people to support your business
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