The company is committed to supporting our personnel to have a good quality of life in a positive working environment.

The company has appropriate working hours based on human rights principles, promoting development skills and sustainable career growth opportunities for employees alongside the organization's growth. Additionally, the company will contribute to society through developing skills and potential of the nation's youth to ensure their quality of life and well-being. Therefore, the company has established corporate governance and business ethics policies, as well as a framework for corporate social responsibility policies.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policies based on 7 principles.

Good Corporate Governance
Conducting business with fairness
Respect human rights and fair labor practices
Responsibility to customers and business partners
Contributing to community and societal development
Environmental care and conservation
Promoting social and environmental activities.

Performance in the Social Aspect

Throughout the years, the company has been committed to responsibility towards the environment, social and governance, known as ESG.

The company has organized activities to help society and activities that benefit the environment continuously through building good relationships with all stakeholders, such as business partners, shareholders, communities, etc. The company's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities can be summarized as follows:<

Promoting and Development of Youth in Sports

The company is committed and determined to contribute to society by advocating for and creating opportunities for young individuals and athletes who possess knowledge and skills in volleyball but lack opportunities for further development.

The company has allocated a budget to support expenses for the volleyball club 'Supreme Volleyball Club Limited' ('Supreme Club'). This support is aimed at facilitating the club's competitive sports activities, starting from year 2009 until the present (Supreme Club was officially registered as a company in 2011). The financial support includes provisions for food, accommodation, travel expenses, and modern training equipments. It also covers coaching staffs, instructors, sports scientists, medical personnel, and a knowledgeable and reputable support teams. This comprehensive support ensures that young athletes have the opportunity for self-development, establishing a reputation for themselves, the community, the club, and the nation. The success of the club contributes significantly to the recognition of all sponsors involved.

In 2010, Supreme Club established a women's volleyball team in collaboration with Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) School, a leading institution in the field of volleyball at the secondary education level. The club has a commitment to building a strong and resilient team of athletes and sports business, with a continuous development plan from academy level to professional sports, both nationally and internationally. This is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of Supreme Club as a thriving sports business. Currently, Supreme Club has several athletes who represent the Thai national team, including prominent individuals such as Pleumjit Thinkaow, Piyanut Pannoy, Ajcharaporn Kongyot, Supattra Pairoj, Sutadta Chuewulim, Watchareeya Nuanjam and Kannika Teepachot, etc.

Employee Training

The company allocates an annual budget for the continuous development of employee skills at all levels.

Through training sessions and seminars, the company ensures that its employees are well-equipped to provide efficient product recommendations and customer service to the company's clients

Safety, health and work environment

The company ensures all employees receive safety at work, good occupational health and appropriate working conditions to mitigate health risks from work, improve employees' quality of life.

To enhance motivation for collaboration and sustainable organizational development, the company strives to boost motivation for working together towards the sustainable development of the organization. Moreover, the company places a strong emphasis on providing knowledge, understanding, and practical guidelines for workplace safety. This includes imparting knowledge on basic first aid and implementing appropriate emergency response plans.

Practice guidelines
Employees are required to wear face masks at all times.
The company requires all employees to wear face masks at all times when in the office building, to prevent and mitigate the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus within the workplace. The measures are adjusted accordingly based on government regulations.
Regularly maintain cleanliness at common touch points in the workplace
Maintain cleanliness and sanitize areas where employees may have shared contact, including regularly disinfecting the air within the office and other company premises.